SpanSet secutex

SpanSet secutex Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was founded in 1982 by Heinz Franke and SpanSet GmbH.
At the beginning, the main focus was on the development of protective coatings for textile hoists and lashing equipment.
This was also the birth of secutex, secutex is a pseudonym for “Safe Textile“.
Over the years, secutex has developed into one of the largest proces­sors of compact polyurethane and is a leading manufacturer of poly­urethane-coated lifting belts and protective hoses today; over the years, pure polyurethane products such as technical moulded parts for mecha­nical engineering, rollers and roller coating, tine protection and surface protection have been added.

With our own mould construction we are able to design and build in­dividual solutions for our customers. In addition to the existing casting systems, various spraying systems were also developed.

secutex is a highly wear-resistant polyurethane developed for lifting sharp-edged components and for surface protection of sensitive mate­rials – such as coils and copper tubes.

New ideas are consistently implemented in new products. Today, al­most all coil stores in Europe are equipped with secutex coil mats and secutex Coilprotct, the secutex protection is almost an industry stan­dard for lifting and storing sharp-edged sheets.

All products are manufactured in Germany and distributed directly and worldwide via SpanSet branches and a large dealer network.

Today, secutex with its almost 70 employees looks back on a versatile range of applications.