secutex buffer pad A versatile all-rounder
secutex – buffer pad is a polyurethane elastomer with special physical, chemical and mechanical properties and is the type of buffer pad that is used throughout the majority of the product range. Buffer pad products are used in industry as noise and material protection in places, where products and loads may be damaged under their own weight or during processing steps.

Precise mouldings
secutex – buffer pad can be made into virtually any shape. The in-house design and CNC-controlled mouldmaking, along with our application engineers, will find the right solution.

Efficiently reproducible
Buffer pad mouldings can be manufactured and reproduced quickly and cost-effectively. The manufacturing process offers many advantages. This eliminates the exactly-reproducible drilling of the holes that are used for mounting. Bolts or other components are simply included in the casting.

Optimally matched available in different degrees of hardness, the damping moment of the buffer pad can be optimally matched to the surface characteristics of the product.

If the various types of buffer pad are combined, their product characteristics add up to new products that often enable alternative means of processing – a competitive advantage for many of our customers.