Construction + Consulting

Construction + Consulting


Exact planning for a perfect function

The optimum solution is developed in the planning phase by the intensive contact with the user. The engineering design with the most modern 3D CAD systems and computer-aided calculation programs (FEM) enables subsequent processing or modification at any time. Our well-trained team of experienced specialists brings the full potential of many problem solutions to the meeting. The application engineer is happy to visit our customers in order to get an idea of the specific application conditions and requirements on site.

Cost reduction by optimized fastening systems

Most costs are caused by the fastening holes in the machines or systems which are to be protected. These drillings must be repeatable and therefore accurate. For this purpose, usually automated machining centres, often even expensive boring machines are used.

Gluing, welding or mounting plates are often used; secutex has some very interesting solutions which make complex drillings unnecessary and save the costs completely. Ask us for more information.

Polyurethane is the alternative

Many solutions are already developed, polyurethane can often do much more than you think. Our efficient laboratory can help you in many cases if you have questions about durability or resistance to chemicals, or if you are planning to use it in difficult environments. And if we are unable to answer your questions ourselves, we have a strong network of relations to the major raw material producers and to the most modern research institutes.