Statement of the Management

Statement of the Management


secutex, that’s „safe textiles“.

Tradition for more than 30 years. Over the years SpanSet-secutex has become one of the largest manufacturers of compact polyurethane. Because of the close relations with its customers, SpanSet secutex understands the needs of the users and the requirements that are placed on secutex products. As the leading producer of polyurethane-coated lifting slings and protective sleeves, we are continuously developing new solutions. Safe lifting and the protection of high-quality materials are our top priorities. With the cut-resistant secutex coating, also difficult lifting applications can be solved.

In the globally operating SpanSet Group, SpanSet secutex is the specialist for lifting of sharp-edged and heavy loads.

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Consequent customer service and proximity to our customers
Today secutex is the standard in many industrial sectors. For example, almost all bricks in Europe are handled with secutex protection pads; secutex protection is almost the industrial standard for lifting and storing sharp-edged metal sheets.

More important for us than the prevention of material damages is the theme of work safety. Our technical experts will present you a wide range of different and innovative solutions that prevent noise directly at the source with secutex protection. And noise which is not generated does not have to be isolated in a complicated way.

New solutions can only be developed in a close cooperation with our customers. We are on site, our highly qualified technical experts are happy to inform you about the various possibilities of secutex protection material.