secutex TopDrain

secutex TopDrain - no aquaplaning during lifting!

secutex has developed the new “TopDrain” structure surface for lifting wet or oily components.

Most of the damages at sharp or rough edges are caused by the movement of the load across the sling. In the case of loads with a “sharp edge” or with a very rough surface, a protective sleeve or fixed coating must be used to protect the textile lifting sling. If the load moves sideways, a cutting movement on the edge is the result. Similar to a knife blade, the edge can cut through the fibers of the textile sling.

The new “TopDrain” surface drainage provides good adhesion of the protective sleeves and the coated lifting slings even on wet and oily materials. The liquid can drain off into the surface hollows and the load lies securely in the lifting sling. The “TopDrain” structure works like a drainage and ensures the frictional connection of the secutex coating to the load.

Both the secutex protective sleeves and the secutex permanent coating can be equipped with a “TopDrain” structural surface. Simply add the suffix “TD” for TopDrain to the order number of the product you would like to order.