secutex secuDrive

Lifting Slings with secuDrive coating

Drive and protection by the geared secutex coating

Machine elements and casted parts must be turned frequently during the manufacturing process and for shipping. The components are getting bigger and bigger and the demands on quality and time are getting higher and higher. Expensive cranes are often blocked for hours for the challenging turning operations and a large part of the production areas cannot be used during this time.

SpanSet-secutex coatings for lifting slings and protective sleeves are used daily for lifting and moving sharp-edged loads.

For the safe and economical turning of heavy and difficult loads, secutex has now developed the turning slings with the new secuWave coating (patent pending). The unique feature of the secutex turning slings is the new wave profile.

It combines the well-known advantages of secutex coatings – excellent cut resistance and flexibility as well as a very high wear and abrasion resistance – with the additional advantages from the optimized design, which is extremely effective when lifting and turning sharp-edged loads.

The secutex turning sling is soft and flexible to the load and increases the radius at the critical sharp edges. The lifting forces are distributed over a wide area and the load is handled gently. Because of the new wave profile, the sharp edge has no contact with the textile lifting sling – so damages are nearly impossible. The wave profile also makes sure that the coating is “stuck” to the edge. The secutex turning slings ensure that the torque is transferred to the load and the load itself is protected. It is no longer possible for the load to slip through.

When equipped with the secuwave lifting strap, the teeth of the coating fit into the geared turning rollers of the turning spreader. In this way, there is no more slippage on the winding rollers of the turning spreader.

Option: secutex turning slings equipped with C-hook with quick-release latch (up to 5t load capacity) or the turning belt connecting brackets with quick-release fastener (up to 20t load capacity).