secutex edge protector

secutex edge protector


If the load has sharp edges or has a rough surface, suitable abrasion or edge protection must be used. secutex edge protectors are easy to handle and flexible to use. The optional version with magnets means that the edge protectors are easy to place on magnetic loads. Furthermore, the secutex edge protection drastically extends the lifespan of the load lifting accessory.

When attaching with chains or cables, the surfaces and edges of the load must also be considered as „sharp edges“ as they can result in damage to the lifting cable. A „sharp edge“ exists whenever the edge radius („r“) is smaller than the Diameter („t“) of the cable or the chain.

secutex edge protectors provide protection for the load and lifting accessory. secutex consists of an incredible polyurethane elastomer with particularly-impressive physical and chemical properties:

High structural performance

As opposed to other chemical products, secutex offers extreme tear-resistance. This means that the secutex material can be stretched to 500% of its original length without tearing.

Exceptional elasticity

In comparison with regular rubber, secutex offers significantly higher elasticity. Even under extreme temperature fluctuations – secutex remains elastic.

Extreme wear resistance

secutex is almost impossible to break down. In terms of resistance to wear through water, secutex is better than many metals.