secuGrip Sleeve

secutex secuGrip Sleeve

Extremely Solid and Durable

In combination with a SpanSet lifting sling, the protective sleeve is designed for use on edges with a radius greater than 2 mm (cut edge). The secuGrip protective sleeve protects the lifting slings when they are used in rough conditions. This combination is not recommended for turning a load and for sharp edges.
Typical applications are boat slings for lifting boats and coastal trawlers with rough underwater hulls. Here, the lifting slings are reliably protected against cuts and other damages. Fixing the secuGrip protective sleeves with thin ropes prevents slippage reliably.
The secuGrip protective sleeves are coated on both sides with a resistant polyura in the standard layer thickness of 3 - 4 mm. Polyurea is highly weather-resistant and so excellently qualified for outdoor use and in combination with salt water. The secuGrip protective sleeves have an inner reinforcement made of polyester fabric, so the polyurea cannot stretch permanently and therefore will remain very resistant.
The surface has a microstructure, moisture and dirt get into the pores and the secuGrip material has a direct contact with the load.

The secuGrip protective hose is offered in two qualities:
  • secuGrip75 with a hardness of 75° Shore A: This material is soft and so well suited for sensitive surfaces such as those of plastic boats.
  • secuGrip90 with a hardness of 90° Shore A:: This material is significantly harder and more robust, and therefore good for the extremely rough surfaces of work boats.
  • 2- oder 4-layer lifting slings in the certified Spanset quality
  • Spacer pads for the protection of exhaust pipes
  • Spacer mats for protection of railing and takellage
  • Ropes for fixing the protective sleeves in the crane hooks
  • Fasteners
  • Boat lifting beams from SpanSet Axzion