Split-band turning strap

To raise stacked coils

We recommend against turning stacked coils upright on the stack. The first choice for the raising of packages delivered in a horizontal position with split straps is therefore always a coil turning seat. However, there is not always a fixed installation for raising narrow coils. The secutex split-band turning strap has two different attachment ends. One end loop of the secutex lifting strap is flat, and can be easily threaded through the gap between the split bands. The flat end loop can then be easily hooked into the forged C-shackle. The protective sleeve is positioned against the “sharp edges“ of the coil. During lifting, the strap moves freely through the protective sleeve while the latter remains motionless against the load. There is no movement, and therefore no wearing against the “sharp edges“.

The solution
An end loop of secutex lifting slings for slit strips is flat and can easily be pushed into the gap between the slit strips. The flat end loop is then simply hung over the forged coil hook. The protective tubing is positioned at the sharp edges of the coil. During lifting the lifting sling moves freely within the protective tubing, while the latter remains fixed against the load. Therefore, there is no movement and at the sharp edges and hardly any wear.
The turning of stacked coils on the stack is liable to cause accidents, since the slit strip can slip over the bottom edge during erection. Therefore, as part of the kit you will always receive a slip resistant secutex turning mat which is simply placed under the tipping edge. A positive side-effect: the windings of the underlying coil are not damaged during the turning procedure.