secutex protective sleeves

secutex protective sleeves


Extremely cut-resistant
secutex protective sleeves adapt flexibly to loads’ „sharp edges“. The extreme structural resistance of the secutex material safely prevents any cutting of the load lifting accessory.

Extremely wear- and abrasion-resistant
secutex coatings reliably protect the load lifting accessories in contact with rough surfaces against early wear. secutex protective sleeves and fixed coatings are therefore the more economical solution.

Careful handling of the load
The secutex protective coating adheres to the load softly and flexibly, increasing the radius of critical edges. The lifting forces are distributed across a larger area and the load remains undamaged.

Exceptional handling through low dead weight
secutex-coated lifting straps and protective sleeves offer optional handling. Due to the low deadweight and flexibility, the load lifting accessory can be attached easily and quickly to the load.

Meets the highest standards of work safety
Thanks to the optimal handling, it achieves exceptionally high levels of safety. Even difficult lifting situations can be solved. There’s a reason why lifting using textile load lifting accessories is called „soft lifting“.