secutex modular coil storage

secutex modular coil storage


Flexible or durable!

The modular coil storage system (patent pending) is designed for flexible use as a coil mat or, in combination with the side tubes, for the permanent storage of coils and slit steel steel. With the coil mat, temporary storage can be set up quickly or existing warehouses can be expanded in the case of a bottleneck.

Optionally available

– secutex Coilmat made of heat-resistant material „secutex Heat“

– Safety poles galvanised, additionally

– Transport trolley for the safety poles

– Safety poles, with secutex coating

– secutex end stop


secutex modular coil storage

Height [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm] Coil-ø [mm]
70 700 1.000 800 - 2.000
70 700 2.000 800 - 2.000
70 700 3.000 800 - 2.000