Environmental protection

Our corporate policy

Environmental protection is a fundamental principle of our corporate policy. For this reason, the environmental management system (EMS) DIN EN ISO 14001 has been installed as part of the operational management system. The company’s environmental policy is aimed at recording, evaluating and continuously reducing environmental impact, ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental regulations and defining and implementing environmental objectives. To this end, the management has implemented rules that are anchored in the quality and environmental management manual (QMH/UMH). SpanSet secutex GmbH pursues the fundamental objective of limiting negative effects on the environment, employees, neighbours and customers to the lowest possible level in all operational activities, especially in production. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of operational environmental protection. Methods and processes are used to conserve resources (raw materials, water, energy) and to avoid or minimise environmental pollution, e.g. waste, waste water and emissions. Operational environmental protection is a matter for the entire company, i.e. all departments and employees. The management is responsible for implementing, documenting and maintaining the EMS and for publicising it to employees and the public. The environmental aspects, i.e. the activities or products that have a significant (negative) impact on the environment, were identified as part of the environmental audit. These environmental aspects are constantly reviewed and updated and taken into account when setting environmental objectives. The resulting environmental impact is regularly determined or calculated for the key environmental aspects.

Our environmental guidelines

1) The environmental aspects of all operational activities are systematically recorded and evaluated with the aim of continuously minimising or limiting the environmental impact.
2) Our environmental protection measures go beyond the legal requirements. We practise active and preventive environmental protection.
3) Environmentally friendly processes and materials are used as a matter of priority.
4) Operational environmental protection is a matter for all employees of our company. We promote the knowledge and skills of our employees in the field of environmental protection.
5) We organise suitable protective and preventive measures to avoid environmentally harmful operational disruptions or accidents. If incidents occur, the damage is rectified immediately, the causes identified and any necessary changes made.
6) To improve operational environmental protection, the company formulates specific environmental targets and defines the means, measures, responsibilities and time frames for achieving them in an environmental programme.
7) The effectiveness of the environmental management system and the implementation of the environmental policy are regularly reviewed by means of environmental audits.