Surface structure

Surface structure



For every physical environment

Various standard surfaces In its standard version, secutex protective sleeves and fixed coatings are already produced with various surfaces. secutex-coated lifting straps with perfectly-adapted surfaces are very suitable for use under the influence of water, ice and oil.

The combination of convex and concave structures on the surface provides drainage and maintains the friction connection with the load. Liquid substances can flow through the channels in the surface while the load lies securely in the lifting strap.

Individual contours and surfaces

secutex is poured. This manufacturing process has many advantages since many different forms and structures can be created. Our own in-house construction and CNC-assisted mould design and construction, together with our application technicians, allow us to create the perfect solution for every lifting situation. This means, for example, that the surface of the lift in strap can have hold points or mirror the contours of the corresponding load. The item carried in the lifting strap is cradled perfectly.

In comparison with purely textile protective sleeves, secutex protective sleeves and fixed coatings remain stable under load and maintain their surface properties.

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