secuwave Mini [SWS mini]

Thema scharfe Kante

For critical edges

secutex protective sleeves protect loads and textile lifting accessories against marks left by handling. If an edge exceeds the range covered by the norm, the usual textile lifting accessories can no longer be used in conjunction with the secutex protective sleeve.

If the edge radius of a load is less than 2 mm, lifting experts refer to it as a “critically sharp edge“. secuwave and secuwave Mini are thickly-coated protective sleeves with a wave structure on the contact side.

The wave structure increases the bending radius of “sharp edges”. The edge lies in a wave trough, while the load rests on the wave peak. Therefore, the “sharp edge“ has no contact with the protective sleeve. secuwave is delivered as a clip. This means that it can be subsequently added to a lifting situation.

secuwave is available in two versions. The various sizes mean that the suitable wave size can be used. The smaller wave size means that the thick coating is more flexible in the bending direction. The larger wave structure is durable and is intended for larger edges.