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secutex wipers

Wipers for steel bars
In the production of pipes and steel bars, so-called wipers are used for cleaning. The wipers have a round or rectangular outer profile and an inner profile that matches the shape of the object to be cleaned. Normally, several wipers are mounted in series, whereby the pass-through openings are smaller than the profile. The bar is pushed through the elastomer plates at high velocity, and the rubbery material strips the surface free from grease and cleaning fluid residues.

It is the edge that counts!
Just a like a car window wiper, it is the edge that counts. Normally, the wipers are stamped from sheet goods. During stamping, the elastomer becomes distorted; the inner edge is therefore not dimensionally stable and is at an angle. Only part of the edge wipes emulsions from the surfaces depends on the profiles. This edge is rapidly worn down; the cleaning action is then unsatisfactory.

Streak-free cleaning
In collaboration with a renowned pipe manufacturer, secutex has developed a new wiper whose optimised wiper edge cleans a rough surface without leaving streaks. The secutex wipers are cast from moulds; the stamping process is done away with. The edge is perfectly formed and lies in complete contact with the pipes and steel bars passing through it.

Long service life
Users report the excellent durability of the secutex wipers; premature wear and material decomposition have not been observed. Thanks to the excellent service life, set-up times and downtimes could be significantly reduced.

For every size
secutex wipers can be produced in all required thicknesses and diameters.