secutex protective hoses „Protecting the load lifting accessory“

No movement against the „sharp edge“ The lifting strap protected

  If the radius of an edge is „sharp“, the lifting forces occurring at the load‘s edges may significantly damage the structure of the textile load lifting accessory and, in the worst-case scenario, cut it. The cutting motion of the load perpendicular to the lifting accessory is the cause of the damage. If the load moves laterally in the lifting strap, a cutting movement takes place at its edge. Much like the blade of a knife, the edge cuts through the fibres of the textile lifting accessory. The secutex coating added to the textile protects the fibres in the contact area. The load can hook into the elastic secutex coating of the protective sleeve while the lifting strap moves freely through the protective sleeve. Cutting movements are then no longer possible. At the same time, the coating increases the radius at the corners. The resulting lifting forces are distributed evenly. The edge is no longer „sharp“.