secutex cutting edge

secutex cutting edge



The secutex cutting edge is made of high quality Polyurethane and it is very wear-resistant. The stability and flexibility can be optimized with infused stuff.

It is resistant against oil and enviroment influences.

The Wackerplate-pad transfers the vibration of the Wackerplate very good on the cobblestone and protect these against damages oder breaches. Each sizes for every fabrikate can be produce. The Cuttingedge for road roller is cutting the dirt of the roll, to have a consistent rollersurface without imprint in the ground.

This product can be produced in each sizes an for every fabrikate. These products have a very long lifetime.


The advantages

– very wear-resistant

– universally applicable

– high wear and abrasion resistance

– oil and grease resistant

– on request with holes

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