Laboratory, Testing

Laboratory, Testing


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secutex has a test laboratory with modern equipment for ongoing quality tests and also for the development of new materials:

1. Universal testing machine

The universal testing machine is a professional testing machine for performing tensile, compression and bending tests. With these tests, the universal testing machine can determine important material characteristics such as elongation at break, yield strength or tensile strength of the specimen.

2. Abrasion Tester

Purely mechanical abrasion is achieved by parallel sliding of two surfaces against each other; this is simulated in the standardized abrasion test. The polyurethane sample is subjected to real abrasion stress, and the time taken to destroy it allows conclusions about its abrasion resistance.

3. Weather Tester

The QUV weather tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. In a few days or weeks, the QUV UV Tester can reproduce damage caused during months or years of outdoor exposure. The QUV tests materials by exposing them to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled high temperatures. It simulates the effect of sunlight with special UV fluorescent lamps, the effect of dew and rain is simulated with condensing moisture and/or spray water.

4. Temperature Tester

Several material samples are inspected and heated in stages and then the condition is visually evaluated. In addition, the previously heated material samples can be tested in a tensile test, the results allow the material to be evaluated at the different temperatures.

5. Friction Coefficient Tester

secutex elastomers have excellent friction and therefore are very well suited for the use in transport racks.

The coefficient of friction is a very important factor in load securing, it must be proven and known. The value depends on the combination of the two friction partners and cannot be general. The logical consequence is that the coefficient of friction must be tested individually. For this purpose, secutex has a universal testing device, the evaluation is then done on the universal testing machine.

The coefficient of friction is the measure of how high the friction force between two materials is and is stated with the formula symbol “µ”. The friction force depends on many different factors. These would be for example material, temperature, humidity, surface, etc.