Edge protection

Edge protector for lifting straps [SWH]

The SWH edge protector for lifting straps significantly increases the radius of an edge.

Hinged edge protectors for lifting straps [SK-B]

The SK-B edge protector can be optimally adapted to any load geometry thanks to its hinge.

Simple edge protectors for lashing belts [SK-BE]

Even when securing the load, the lashing material must be protected against the „sharp edge“.

secuwave edge protectors [SWK]

For particularly heavy loads

Hinged edge protector for chains [SK-K]

Hinged edge protector for chains.

Simple edge protector for lashing chains [SK-KE]

Even when securing the load, the lashing chain must be protected against the „sharp edge“.

Hinged edge protector for cables [SK-D]

Hinged edge protector for cables.

Simple edge protector for cables [SK-DE]

Simple edge protector for cables.

Edge protector for heavy use [SKDS]

Edge protector for heavy use.


The handy edge protector.

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