secutex clip on sleeves

secutex protective sleeves

secutex protective sleeves adapt flexibly to loads‘ „sharp edges“

Clip-on sleeve [SC]

The secutex Clip SC can be installed in seconds thanks to the mounting slit on the back. Recommended for use wherever round slings with or without protective sleeves are needed on a case-by-case basis.

Clip-on sleeve easyClip [E-SC]

The secutex protective coating adheres to the load softly and flexibly, increasing the radius of critical edges.

veloxClip [V-SC]

Transversely-slit protective sleeve. With low height.

secuwave [SWS]

secutex protective sleeves protect loads and textile lifting accessories against marks left by handling.

secuwave Mini [SWS mini]

The wave structure increases the bending radius of „sharp edges“. The edge lies in a wave trough, while the load rests on the wave peak.

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